“Hey, wanna catch the train to Malmö?”, my wonderful and talented friend Maija.

“You and me Sthlm-Malmö, 48 hours. We’ll take Snälltåget. It takes a bit longer, but it’s vintage! I’ll take you to Ribersborg, the old bath house from 1898, so you can do a cold bath and then a nice sauna – free as a bird. It’ll do you good! We’ll have dinner, some wine…”

“…girl talk and a good nights sleep. Hotel breakfast while reading the papers. Discussions about high and low, politics, immigration, integration, who is what and why should it matter? Followed by a stroll in the city. A coffee to go. Lunch at Spoonery maybe? More talk, about pride, feminism, art, culture…  isn’t life amazing? And then we’ll read our books on our way back, listen to music, share some snacks and watch the sun set across the country …”