A collection of my croquis work from this season is part of Gallery Karlström & Karlström Summer exhibition starting 9 June. Originals and high quality prints on fine art paper, framed and signed by yours truly – ready for a new home.

“Croquis – simply meaning ”sketch” in French – bases on quick drawings of a model who holds a pose for a few minutes, giving us a brief visual impression to capture on paper. One could say croquis is all about trusting your eyes and hands. To be bold and determined, even when doubting. Just like in life.

In this exhibition, I have gathered a collection of nudes made during open croquis sessions across Stockholm. The nude is a reminder of the complexity and fragility of our bodies, an amazing evolvement of nature to be cherished.”

Prints available for order. Sizes 30x30cm and 30x40cm. Contact me at for more details.

Nudes standing
Nudes bowing
Nudes in pair
Nude contemplating
Nudes in green
Twin nudes
Nude fallen